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Using Tremor on the MPC Renassisance

Posted: Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:23 pm
by f.friction
As I wait for the next Ren update(1.2), I will share what does work so far in 1.1. I do own a Maschine which has a dedicated map which goes far beyond the Ren's capabilities as of now. This post is not for comparison just info on, how the Ren integrates..

If you have your MPC Ren up and running. When creating a program you have the option of
mpc/midi/plugin . Choose plugin when opening this folder you should see the Tremor Plugin.
If you do not see the plugin you must go into the Ren Preferences>Plugins and direct the correct folder
where you tremor driver is installed.


Now if everything is correct Tremor shows up as one of your plugin options.

Now Tremor is loaded into the MPC on the upper left hand of the Ren. There is a Step Seq. button.

Now you are in Step Sequence mode, the pads light up in sequence to MPC and Tremor.

Here are the notes / pad / engine correspondence:

Notes: C8 Pad:H9 Engine:1
C#8 H10 2
D8 H11 3
D#8 H12 4
E8 H13 5
F8 ''' ''

PROBLEM: Copying sequence means you are also initiating a new instance of Tremor.
No drag and drop from tremor to REN or vice-verse.
Cannot get the midi learn to work with controls on Tremor.

If you have the correct pad-to-note set up you should now hear the Tremor engine.
I know many people who like to record the individual drum pass with separate tracks,
but a work around to to record on the same track and same sequence. Move the pads
from H9 to H16 during recoding. You can find this info on the top right of your Ren screen.

I will post a vid soon. Hopefully the 1.2 updates helps with fixing some issues with Midi Learn.

Re: Using Tremor on the MPC Renassisance

Posted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:05 am
by thomsk
Cannot get tremor to mute with the Renaissance and also if you have tremor let's say in sequence1 and you move to sequence 2 sequence 1 tremor is still playing

Using Tremor on the MPC Renassisance

Posted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:16 pm
by Galinmom
this is my first thread. does anyone know if it is possible to use your mouse for first person shooters to aim crosshairs and what not? using the arrows aint workin too well...