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How do I?

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How do I?

Postby elegentdrum » Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:44 pm

Hello BFD3 users.

I have installed BFD3 over BFD 2. Had some issues with the download and install process, but that all worked out.

Now I'm trying to map a TD-30 and running into software limitations...I think.
The first thing I'm trying to do is set up the slots to look like my drum kit. I don't think there is any way to "move" a drum and cymbal slot from the position it is inserted. Also, each slot can't have the graphic re-sized. Sure I can add the correct number slots then MIDI learn each slot as desired. but the cymbals would all the be the wrong size icon.

From left to right: Crash 1, Splash, Crash 2, Ride, China
From left to right: Small, Mid, Floor 1, Floor 2

Also, Some things come pre-mapped when I load the TD-30 key mapping. I would like to change a Perc to cymbal. I can only get this done by deleting, adding, and remapping rather than changing. Is this really what I need to do?

I would like to be able to save the "SLOTS" with the key mapping. Must I do this through saving a KIT?

In general, I want to set up and save slots and key mappings. Then save the sounds as mapped to the slots. The hardware changes slowly over time. The sounds change per song.

Other mapping questions:
-Why is the Kick w/ and wo/ snare a note number issue? This is a mix down issue not a note mapping issue.
-I would like to average/mix two triggers into a single articulation, any way to do this?
-I use one trigger input for the snare head, and another for the snare rim to gain different vol levels and mix the rim and head sound. Is this situation what the "link" is for? or is that for triggering two sounds from one trigger?
-Is the "Drag" articulation something that can be used from a TD-30 brain? does BFD switch the note number based on the nature of the triggers from a single note number? or is this really just a another sound mapped to another note number that happens to recorded from the same drum? Thus allowing a keyboard to simulate a "drag" ie the drag articulation becomes useless in e-drumming?

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Postby SKoT_FX » Sun Dec 01, 2013 4:36 am

The presentation of the kitview is currently automatically managed, but we do what to make that something users can customize to match their e-drums (one of many reasons we've changed to a diagramatic, vector-drawn "blue-print" view).

The sizes of cymbals and toms will change to reflect the *actual dimensions* of a kit piece that is loaded into a slot, so if you load a 20" ride into a slot that previously held a 10" splash, you'll see the cymbal double in diameter.

You want to save your own MIDI-Map & a default Preset, I'd say - set up an example kit, and map the MIDI triggers to slots the way you like, save that MIDI Map; and save a Preset as well (with no kit Pieces loaded). BFD3 will use that map henceforth. The default preset representing your kit can be set to load by default (see Preferences Panel), and that way you'll have BFD3 looking like your edrum set every time.

Kick / Kick NoSnare is a historical hangover from BFD1. I agree it's the sort of drum-voicing decision we solve elsewhere with separate kit piece presentation these days (eg the stick/mallet/rod/brush kit, snares with snare on and off). We should bite the bullet and separate them in the near future.

Mixing two triggers into one articulation - you should be able to achieve what I think you're trying to do by directing multiple MIDI keys to an articulation. There's an option to disable strict policing of one-key-to-one-articulation in the MIDI map page.

Drag is a separate recording, more for keyboard use. For kit-based e-drumming, you should find that the standard bunch of soft-hits will sound similar (as they should!). I have seen John Emrich playing BFD with a zendrum controller and using the drag to good effect, but the Zendrum certainly isn't a standard e-kit!
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Postby elegentdrum » Mon Dec 02, 2013 1:41 am

Thank you for the information. The learning curve with some the things I'm trying to achieve have been frustrating. Sonar X3, SSL mix 6.2, and BFD3 have compiled into a huge learning curve. In general, the triggers (TD-30) is the most limiting factor, BFD3 rocks!

OK. So if I pick a 20" ride for the sound, then delete the sound, I can create a blank map with cymbal size's that are representative. Cool. Now I know why the toms and cymbals now change to the wrong size as I set up and map sounds.

Two events: One articulation:
For mapping two midi notes to one articulation. I'm looking for some control during the merge of the two events. I only want one event to show up as a result of two events. This would be a reverse midi velocity split, or averaging, or pick one or the other if both don't show up. but never allow both to get through. If I allow the re-trigger time to handle this, the first to show up will always be the one used, and may not be the one I want.

The case I'm trying to handle here is using three triggers to two kick articulations. I have a kick drum trigger (KD120) and two trick pedal triggers (Dominator laser on both pedals). The pedals don't trigger at low vel levels. The drum does not give a different articulation for right and left drum. If I could merge the two, problem solved and I could add a cool twist. Using the automation and Sonar mixing, I could have the low vel kick center, and loud ones fully panned. with a transition between at mid velocity levels. This would allow me to have a single trigger to midi setup useful for both jazz (feather kick) and heavy metal (right and left loud kicks) using the triggers I currently own. My other option is to add another KD120, making the kit larger, harder to move, and more costly. The Dominator pedals are very reliable at mid and loud velocity levels, but lack the light touch the KD120's pick up.

Now for the other way around: This is more of a drum brain & trigger issue that I believe has changed from the TD-20 to the TD-30. I'm really trying to separate the rim and head sounds so they are not mutually exclusive and mixed. The goal is to have a variable amount of rim sound for any given amount of head sound. The typical rim switching system sounds and feels unnatural when playing a snare and high toms. I was able to do this on a TD-20 using TD-20 sounds. But have been un-Successful in recreating this with a TD-30 and BFD3 so far. When I did have this working, it also had the effect of raising the volume during a rim shot because two sounds were being mixed. Any suggestions are welcome. I'm going back to the TD-30 sounds to see if I can re-create what I had going on within the TD-20 as a first step. then see if I can map that to BFD3. Time to go back to testing.

Thanks again for your help.

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