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synched replay won't start from first bar

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synched replay won't start from first bar

Postby fredmant » Sat Nov 15, 2014 8:36 pm

I can't figure out why my synched with daw playback starts playing back BFD at measure 5 on the BFD groove track? For a while there it was starting at bar 2, but somehow I did get it to change from 2 to 5, but heck, bar 1 is the logical place for it to start! Here is what my screen looks like. The blue marker in the track lane, called the "Position Marker" on page 110 of the manual, is positioned at the beginning of bar 5. If I hit the space bar to play in Pro Tools (11), the synched playback in BFD starts at that bar 5. You can see I have a looped area for playback, so it should start at bar 1. I can move the blue position marker by double clicking in the Track Ruler area to get it back to bar 1, but as soon as begin playback via PT 11, it jumps to bar 5 and starts (and stays) there.

No luck searching the manual or the forum, but it seems like there is a hidden marker or something telling it to ignore me and just start at bar 5. Screaming in my head . . . .

Thanks for any help!
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Postby SKoT_FX » Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:38 am

Do you have any pre-roll latency or time offset for MIDI events in the track hosting the BFD Instrument?

Where are your playback loop markers in Protools? Is BFD tracking global song position?
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