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Ambient mic send limitations

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Ambient mic send limitations

Postby » Wed Jun 24, 2020 8:59 pm

I'm frustrated by the fact that kit pieces that I want to use have limitations on their room / ambient mic sends. For example I like using the John Tempesta snare, however this is set to have the following:

Mono 1
Mono 2
Mono 3
Comp 1
Comp 2

No mention of the Amb 3 stereo mics!?

So I try changing the destination of the mono 2 ambient mic to Amb 3 and it ends up a mono sound.

This is really crap guys! Excuse the rudeness but...come on!!

Every kit piece needs to have the full range of ambient mic send options for different applications that are real world applications. I just don't get why this has been limited in BFD3?

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Re: Ambient mic send limitations

Postby TIMTOZ » Tue Jul 07, 2020 8:29 pm

Coming from BFD2 - in my first few sessions with 3 - I did notice that.
I'm still in early stages but starting to move around fairly well.

I was mildly disappointed that some ambient sends are not there for some pieces.
But the mono mics sounds pretty good so far. Just playing around with combinations....

Really depends on the context... I made a custom map for how I like to input drums into DP10.
Sounded awesome....but when I started using it in context of the music idea I was working on...
I had to tweak it...which honestly for me - is what I want... I'm totally digging the customization of
these drums.

I had BFD2 for years on a Receptor. The Receptor died. That hurt. Had to resort to Roland Sampler s760 drums!
I made that work...but that sh*t ain't no match for the BFD drums. Now that I've re-entered BFD - couldn't be
happier. Anyone still using old style drum machine or sample sounds is missing out.

So I guess my point is... I'll take it :lol:
You may be missing the AMB3 channel...but try some others... chances are there's a way to dial in the sounds you want.

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Re: Ambient mic send limitations

Postby kafka » Fri Jul 10, 2020 12:59 pm

Well, if the drum isn't sampled with that ambient mic, then that send won't be available. Not every set has the same mics in the same room in the same position. It's not like Amb3 corresponds with some standardized micing technique. I even have one kit, I think it's a DrumDrops kit, that doesn't have any direct mics.

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