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BFD1.x fresh reinstall & set up 4 BFD2

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BFD1.x fresh reinstall & set up 4 BFD2

Postby Uchews » Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:42 am

Hi, My music computer was fixed recently, everything required to be reinstalled. I have BFD 1 and the upgrade to 1.5 data installed on a dedicated hardisk as suggested, along with XFL, Delux & funk & Jazz. Everything was working perfectly until computer required fixing, BUT I assume I now need to reinstall the operating system/s for BFD back on drive C, and their 'fixes'. I also recently purchased the BFD2 upgrade, and of course want to install that.

I am not sure what to do or how to do this, I am not technically minded. I have always just reinstalled everything, eg.
BFD 1 - OS then data,
then all the 'fixes',
then whatever the latest OS update was,
then BFD 1.5 - OS,
all the upgrade files 'fixes'
then to whatever the latest OS update was,
then test it worked/works
then add expansion packs, doing that same eg.
all the fixes (there was a lot for XFL), (all installed sequentially)

Do I need do all this installing all over again for every little update and fix thing, or dont i bother just install the basics and go straight to BFD 2? Do i need to have BFD 1.5 to be able to use it with a very old Cubase VST32 5.2Pb, eg. to open songs writtern with that because BFD2 wont work older programs? In other words i just want to know what i need to do to have things working th way they were before computer was repaired, so i can access the 50+songs written in old setup, and have the BFD 1.5 files open work with their originally programming and sounds setup, so i dont loose everything. Sorry i know i am asking a lot of questions, but to me they all seem related to the one question, to having things work properly.
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Postby Mully_FX » Mon Oct 25, 2010 11:42 am

If you already have the BFD1 Data on your computer and you have no old projects using BFD1 you can simply install BFD2 and add the BFD1 data folder to BFD2's data path panel.

make sure to read this thread as well:

If you still want to install BFD1 because you might need it for older projects simply install the latest update (no need to install older updates) and enter the location of your BFD1 data to the options panel.

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