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Release Notes [v2.3.0.25]

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Release Notes [v2.3.0.25]

Postby Angus_FX » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:07 pm

Release notes for v2.3.0.25 (from v2.0.2.17)

Summary of new features in 2.3.x.x:

Strobe2 v2.3 supports five assignable Spline Curves, mapped by default to the five dimensions of touch available on the Seaboard RISE. Each spline curve has a slew limiter for smoothing and other control-rate fx.

There are a number of new TransMod sources:
    PlSlide+ (Polyphonic Slide Relative)
    PlSlideAbs+ (Polyphonic Slide Absolute) and PlSlideAbsOn+ (Polyphonic Slide Absolute at Note On) for expressive Slide (CC74) MPE playing.
    Perf3+ (third Performance slider)
    IsLowest, IsHighest mod sources which allow the lowest or highest note to trigger with different parameters to the rest of the stack

The VCF's self-noise (internal electronic signal noise) is reduced when the analog noise knob is turned down. This allows clean sounds with high post-filter gain structures.

The effects section gains Comp VCA, a new CPU-friendly compressor fx; the stereo delay fx has a Width control.

New in v2.3.0.15:

Minor installer tidyups
Fixed the Strike (Velocity) Slew knob
Fixed AAX version for Pro Tools on OS X
Fixed a rare crash in the LFO
Fixed a labeling bug in the assignable mod source routing for the Spline Curves

New in v2.3.0.12:

Width control on the Stereo Delay fx.
Support for OS X Sierra.
Significantly improved CPU load

Bugs fixed from v2.0.2.17 to v2.3.0.12:

Code: Select all

[] Strobe2 - Pitchbend settings not recalled in Cubase
[] Strobe2 - Crash when opening ASIO control panel
[] Strobe2 - Stuttering/laggy audio on Windows 10
[] Strobe2 - Settings window contains unused section
[] Strobe2 - Deafening distortion when adjusting FX-Verb damping Gain parameter
[] Strobe2 - Crash when playing UI keyboard with Aphex Kid preset loaded
[] Strobe2 Manual Link doesn't go to manual
[] Strobe2 - Swapping Perf modulation slots causes semiton pitchbend when changing value
[] Strobe2 - Check mark always appears again PlStrikeCurve when assigning modulator
[] Strobe2 - Presets not recalling when loading a saved project
[] Strobe2 - Doesn't run in PT12
[] Strobe2 - Installer is missing License Agreement and other usual installer bits
[] [STROBE2] MPE sound Type category required
[] Long effect names are currently being truncated at both ends
[] VST version number reported as 0.0 (vs 2.4), plugin version (vs (Win10, x64)
[][] Installer - text changes: '===', date, generic vs actual product name use, version number
[] Strobe2 - Factory presets not installed
[] Strobe2 Win - Parameter labels not appearing in Synth window
[] Strobe2 - Splines in MPE curve are not locked to the curve itself
[] Strobe2 - Tuning is mapped to CC64 which is Pedal in default MPE MIDI spec
[] Strobe2 - Negative SLIDE+ curve position not correctly displayed in scope
[] Strobe2 - Stuck note when changing preset
[] [Strobe2] Scaling >100% obscures entries in Audio & MIDI Settings
[] Strobe2 - SLIDE spline slew dial size inconsistency
[] Strobe2 - Legacy preset loading broken
[] Modslot1 context menu is missing it's "Clear Mod" entry
[] Attached preset always crashes Strobe2
[] Strobe2 - Euclid Damp control not working
[] LFO gated by 'ramp' does not seem to work as advertised
[][Strobe2] Version number on installers wrong
[] Strobe 2 AU crashing after installing Cypher
[] Strobe2 - '-nan' appearing in preset format after save
[] Mod Wheel is unused on current MPE implementation
[] Strobe2 / MPE is disabled when arpeggiator is enabled
[] Euclid broken on certain voices
[]  Crashing loading MPE presets
[] [STROBE2] Zone1/Zone2 editors are stuck in Chromatic mode
[] Multisynth - Crash on startup on OSX 10.11
[] STROBE2 - MPE - Inaccurate triggering of single note with MPE enabled
[] STROBE2 - Presets saved with MPE enabled do not re-enable MPE upon recall
[] STROBE2 - Scope window displaying expiration date with full version installed/authorized
[] Strobe2 browser up/down key commands are now working on Windows
[][STROBE2] Oscillator phases of unison sounds all start at same point when doing audio export
[] [Multisynth] Double click any parameter - crash

Release notes for v2.0.2.17 (from v2.0.0.1)

Bugs fixed from v2.0.0.1 to v2.0.2.17:

Code: Select all

[][STROBE2] Oscillator phases of unison sounds all start at same point when doing audio export
[][Cypher2] Mouse control of parameters needs refinement
[] Some notes getting stuck when turning the arp off and on
[] Wrong font colouring after multiple theme changes
[] Removing Strobe2 from Samplitude = crash in StaticTimer
[] Amber formant filter capable of some unwanted noise
[] Runtime log datestamps should be YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS (or similar)
[] Two Strobe 2 folders installed on OSX
[] CRASH: starting Strobe2 without RME switch on, enabling after warning
[] Illegal Synthesis presets need updating
[] CVS folder needs removing from the default FX presets folder
[] Will not start up on Win8
[] Automation in Ableton Live 9 is broken
[] Strobe2 logo in scope not shown correctly in light skin
[] User reported crash when selecting presets
[] Crash in step sequencer when holding shift and clicking
[] Crash when using the Euclid
[] Crash in Live when loading a preset into quick preset slot 3
[] Unauthorized Strobe 2 fails AU validation
[] Crash when using VST/AU in Live session after the other has been used
[] Hanging arp notes after Logic project launch
[] Crash when drawing in the arp
[] preset default name problem
[] Crashes Logic X
[] Some presets crashing Strobe 2 on Windows 8
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