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"Clean" version of Strobe

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"Clean" version of Strobe

Postby pianopictures » Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:55 pm

I know that it is not a realistic request but still can't resist the temptation to make it.

Strobe 2 is my favorite vst synth, I highly appreciate it's sound, layout, and especially the modulation matrix.

While it's analog modelling IS it's strongest part and obviously what I enjoy a lot, I would also love to have the same synth with exact same controls, mod matrix, etc. but with a pure perfect "clean" digital processing without any "analog modelling" at all, with a possibility of a real zero attack/release times, free/sync start, phase shift for oscillators; while still having all the design as it is. This would make me very happy.

Currently I'm able to have it only in Reaktor and in Serum to some extend.

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