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Most powerful feature for you?

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Most powerful feature for you?

Postby FluxMachina » Sun Dec 08, 2019 1:11 pm


Let me first qualify by saying I'm no pro and barely touch music production these days.
Recently I did a system upgrade and have been having a look at old ideas to check the cpu utilisation (Ryzen 3600X, 16GB). It's superb! Coming from an old Athlon FX8320e is a real upgrade. Anyway...

I fired up Geist two to have a play and was really impressed again with the loop chopping ability. That you can preview a loop and drag slices on a pad of your choice is really powerful! Yeah, it' a shame this isn't getting the TLC it deserves, a real shame. I can work with it though. :)
Messed around with this for a while and gave it a tweak today; feel free:

What's the most powerful feature for you?

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