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Guru in Ableton Live record problems!!

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Guru in Ableton Live record problems!!

Postby Jwiering » Thu Apr 02, 2009 4:20 pm

Dear all please help me out!

Recently I figured out how I could get my engines working properly in Ableton (finally!) by this video:

Now I got to the second problem:

First of all, everytime when I push the play button on ableton to start a recording session, my Guru VST always switches on PLAY and start playing trough the song. The biggest problem is that when I finished recording the song (and of course at the beginning after pressing play in Ableton, turning of my Guru) and I listen back to it my Guru VST is playing all the way through it next to my engines..So basically my recording is useless!

This really anoys me. Can somebody please explain how I can set up my Guru so I can record my patterns in ableton without my Guru playing through it..?

Thank you very much :D

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