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Upgrade from DTXpress II to DTXpress IV or DTXTREME III

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Upgrade from DTXpress II to DTXpress IV or DTXTREME III

Postby bbdude » Wed May 20, 2009 3:27 am

I'm in the early stages of shopping around for an upgrade from my DTXpress II kit to a DTXpress IV or DTXTREME III. Is it worth it? I'm looking for improvements to the pad feel / dynamic range to the brain internal sounds and on out the midi, for record and playback using BFD2. I use the brain built-in sounds extensively for jamming / practice / monitoring while recording, so the quality of the built-in sounds are important. I'm also looking for improvements to the midi latency and jitter.

Several things I have mulled-over here:
- For $1,350 I could just buy the DTXpress IV pad set & brain, keeping my DTXpress II rack & other H/W
- For $1,500 I could buy an entire new DTXpress IV kit ($150 more than buying just the pads & brain)
- For $4,000 I could buy an entire new DTXTREME IIISP kit (massive price jump from the DTXpress IV kit)

One thing that is hard to figure is why I only save $150 buying just the brain & pads. You would think that the rack, h/w, and cables would be worth more than $150. Am I missing something here?

Are there any features to the DTXTREME IIISP kit that make it worth almost 3X the cost of the DTXpress IV kit? One thing I do like about the DTXTREME IIISP is it has a USB port for midi data, which should help with latency/jitter. Problem is, according to the Yamaha manual, the max USB cable length is 3 meters. I need to go 9 meters. Any recommendations appreciated.

- The bbdude

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