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Why not a sale on upgrades?

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Why not a sale on upgrades?

Postby mcanavan » Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:21 pm

Right now a new user who does not own Geist can buy it for $150.
GURU owners can buy it for $125......

It's great that FXpansion offer an upgrade path, like every other software company.
It would be even better if yearly or random sales included an even passing consideration of existing users in terms of this. While $125 is OK, there are plenty of developers who offer more than a 50% price cut on an upgrade.
Some of us haven't upgraded because we're still currently hit by the mortgage crisis, and price considerations make a big difference when choosing between upgrading or moving on to other solutions, in my case Live drum racks and included content, Digital Performers built in drum sequencer, and Battery/Reaktor.

Some of us are barely able to keep up this hobby/obsession and a sale on the upgrade path would give us the incentive/ability to keep current, that's all. :)

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