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Maschine mapping trainwreck, both in standalone & in Ableton Live

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Maschine mapping trainwreck, both in standalone & in Ableton Live

Postby iiuuii » Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:07 am

The Maschine controller maps that FXpansion promote here ... 5265#65265 are a complete trainwreck when working within Ableton Live, and somewhat broken in standalone.

Here's an incomplete list of all the failed mappings that I found. It's not exhaustive, understandably, I gave up once it became obvious that it was a mess.

Problems specific to the mapping within Ableton:
- with the Maschine pads on 'trigger' mode in - as they are set to on the template - the Live midi track only gets one flash of input and then nothing more, despite the master midi in/out reporting midi activity. If they set to 'gate' mode within ControllerEditor, the Ableton midi input channel receives input correctly.
- None of Maschine's pad function-buttons (scene, pattern, pad mode, navigate etc) mappings work in ableton, at all . So none of the button mappings stated in the "readme" actually work - e.g, no note repeat
- knob page 4 "pads / layers 1" - all mappings broken, can get nothing happening here at all.
- The fxpansion advice that users should route a dummy channel into live to engine 9, to workaround Live's hard-routing to midi channel 1, is breaking all mappings for me - only note on/off is received.
- If i map the maschine output to geist VST using midi learn, geist gets conflicts, the channel volumes start juming from 0 to full, because Live is forcing input to midi channel one.

In short, it's completely useless. You cannot hope to use this mapping in ableton. Fine - but what's frustrating and negligent is that this isn't stated anywhere in the documentation, nor in the forum sticky used to promote it.

It's not unfair to say that it's your responsibility to inform users that this will not work within the DAW that they will very likely be using. By not mentioning any known conflicts, you are presenting this as something that can be expected to work on major platforms - while you know this isn't the case. Instead you leave it to the users to discover and understand the conflict for themselves. I've lost an hour trying to figure this out - I couldn't find a clear statement anywhere online. A few hundred other users must be losing at least an hour also, so add that time up. Now, how long would it take you to update that "readme" file? Weigh it up.

mappings that don't even work within Geist standalone (let alone ableton):

- STILL all the pad mixer mappings affect only pad 1 (mute, solo, gain, pan etc) - all mixer mappings are broken
- Many buttons are set in NI controller editor to be "Toggle" when they ought to be "gate" or "trigger" - it means they need 2x hits just to get a signal through.

Using OSX 10.8.4, Maschine 1*, Live 9.05, Geist VST+Standalone 1.1.1 build 8

*if this is a result of using Maschine 1, or any of these specs, then the system requirements need to be clearly stated.

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