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BFD3 hangs on Audio Export

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BFD3 hangs on Audio Export

Postby DrNewcenstein » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:45 am

Windows 8.1 x64
32GB 2400MHz RAM
MOTU Audio Express (USB)
MOTU ASIO driver
ASUS Z87-Pro motherboard (SATA III capable, RAM bus speed up to 2800MHz)
BFD3 V. (32 and 64 installed, running 64) installed on C:
Data/Content on physically separate internal drives (see details below)
All drives are 7200 RPM SATA III
Not using User Account Control (since everything has to be approved by Committee and I am the sole owner/proprietor of the PC and everything on it - there is no Admin to talk to about anything)

Set up a Drum Track filled with Grooves, all sounds fine in BFD3. No internal problems, audio or otherwise.
I keep my Grooves on I: drive, which is a physically separate 500GB drive from C: drive, and export audio to K: drive, which is a physically separate 4TB drive from both C: and I: drives.

Select Export Drum Track Audio, select folder for files to be saved in, stare at dialog box that says "Exporting Song Audio..." with the progress bar reading 100% for several hours. Files are visible in directory, and each appear to be the correct size (based on my years of working with digital audio, I have a general idea of what to look for as far as file sizes for a given resolution).
The progress bar does go through an actual progression, it doesn't start at 100%. Once it gets to 100%, it sits there. Seemingly forever.

No other apps using the ASIO driver or MOTU device, no other read/write operations in progress (like rendering 3D animations or compiling C# apps or burning DVDs, no Office projects running). Not reading emails, not posting on Facebook, not Tweeting, not streaming kitty-cat videos from YouTube.

Task Manager doesn't show anything stalled or Not Responding. Pressing "Cancel" on the export dialog is an option I'd rather not explore. Neither is a Mac.

What gives?

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Postby DrNewcenstein » Wed Jul 22, 2015 11:04 pm

Got bored and pressed Cancel before heading to work.

8 hours later, it's still "waiting for job to cancel".

Further info that might make a difference:
-Kit pieces used in the Song/Grooves are assigned to separate Mono channels (Kick on Mono 1, Snare to Mono 2, etc etc)
-Room, Ambient, and OH mics assigned to separate Stereo channels.
-Channels with in-use kit pieces are armed for Recording
-Files generated will not load in Winamp, Windows Media Player returns an error of possibly corrupt file or missing codec (exported as Windows WAV format so WTF there)
-File that do load into Adobe Audition (not all do) are dead silence (Channels were not Muted or set for Solo in BFD). 30 Megs of 0 time length.

For the record, BFD 2 was also misbehaving this way a few days ago, which is one reason I upgraded to BFD 3. Everything worked fine on my old PC running Win XP Pro (32 bit), and I have not used BFD on my Win 8 64-bit machine until recently.

Latest MOTU drivers, latest system audio drivers (Nvidia and M$ are both great about update nags).

I do use my Nvidia GTX780 Ti's HDMI port for general audio (everything not related to music recording) and the MOTU Audio Express and Adobe Audition will both play and record both old and new tracks just fine. The only trouble I'm having is getting BFD to export the tracks.

I can export a stereo Master track, but that does me no good when I have to patch gaps in cymbals.

And now BFD 2 hangs at startup.

Great. Let's see what happens when I reboot.

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Postby SKoT_FX » Fri Aug 28, 2015 6:17 am

Hiya, is this still happening with the RC build?

Apologies for delay, emerging from the NFUZD woods to reengage with the forum...
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Postby Jesperhansen » Sun Oct 04, 2015 5:04 pm

Mine is also doing it (both as stand-alone and in Cubase 8).

Any suggestions?

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