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BFD2 Presale Question

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BFD2 Presale Question

Postby shkgrad » Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:07 am

Hi all,
I'm looking fo a software that can replace my drum machine. I need to beable to slam out an idea (Groove) and let it loop while I work on progression and frame work. I see that BFD2 has a drum sequencer built in.

I own ezdrummer and ezplayer pro but it's not made to build a drum track (from scratch). It's great for using midi files and taking one part from one and another part from another to create a "new" file, but let's face it - going through tons of midi files for the right "kick" and then again for the right "hats" is crazy, when I could program what I feel in a matter of seconds vs. an hour looking and assembling lol.

Since I'm NOT into engineering - are there useful presets for the stock kits in BFD2? Meaning preset(s) of mic placement, EQ, compression, FX etc that pertain to genre?

So if I want a "rock" sound just load a preset or if I want a country sound (Even with the same kit) that a preset is available? How about a preset that has the "ultra-tight" studio sound of EZDrummer? After all they used real drums to get that EZD sound and MAYBE even used BFD2 ya never know... lol)

I really like how open BFD2 is, but setting up the drums in such detail is WAY beyond my abilities (for now) since I've never done it or had to do it. I've always let drummers and the studio guys do that stuff... or like I mentioned I've used drum machines that already had that ultra fake


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Postby Rory_FX » Thu Jan 22, 2009 12:47 pm

Certainly BFD2 comes with presets in a variety of styles. There are also quite a few user presets here on the forums. I'm sure if you found that none of them were exactly suited to you, we could help setup something that was :)

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