BFD + TD-6/12 hybrid kit ... they "sort of" talk... but.... HELP!!!! -


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BFD + TD-6/12 hybrid kit ... they "sort of" talk... but.... HELP!!!!

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BFD + TD-6/12 hybrid kit ... they "sort of" talk... but.... HELP!!!!

Postby yeloop » Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:08 am

Hi Guys

I am running BFD with Logic Pro 8... no problems using BFD with a MIDI keyboard for keyboard drumming.

However I also have a Roland V-drums kit. The kit is a weird mix, it has a TD-12 brain, mesh pads including a PD-125 snare from the TD20 series.

However, it doesn't have a stand-alone hi-hat, as the kit was originally built around a full TD-6 set. I am still using the CY-5 one-piece hi-hat that came with the TD-6 package...

I have tried to get the kit to talk to BFD. It all sounds pretty good, but some of the hi-hat pedal on / pedal off stuff is not working, so the hi-hat often sounds nothing like what I'm playing!

THE QUESTION IS.... (actually, two questions...)

1. What BFD template would I need to use to get BFD's configuration to line up with my setup? I found a TD-6 template a while back but that didn't really work and I suspect is the cause of the hi-hat response problem.

2. Does BFD2 have easier template management for setting up V-drums? BFD1 doesn't seem to come with anything, you seem to need to download templates that may or may not work.

If anyone has any advice or has had experience with this, please let me know!! Especially if you happen to have a weird v-drums setup with part TD-12 (brain) and part TD-6 (hi-hat)!!!

Thanks heaps in advance!


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