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Can BFD be used INSIDE of Guru?

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Can BFD be used INSIDE of Guru?

Postby dizzyboydizzy » Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:48 pm

I was wondering if Guru can be used to sequence for BFD. Or any other drumware for that matter? I.e, can you assign a pad in Guru to trigger another drum apps sounds - kind of like a digital midi controller...?

Yes, im basically trying to figure out if i can knight Guru to take over for my entrie drum programming/beat production process, :P

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Postby SKoT_FX » Mon Apr 20, 2009 5:24 am

Not inside GURU, but you can certainly drive BFD from anything that generates MIDI, so yup, you can connect the two I'm sure.

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