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How do I get the "Preset/Sound List" for Lennard Digital Sylenth1 VST shown in Pro Tools?

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How do I get the "Preset/Sound List" for Lennard Digital Sylenth1 VST shown in Pro Tools?

Postby Lovah_lovah » Tue Jan 25, 2011 5:29 pm


I have a problem with using Lennard Digital Sylenth1 Vst-plug-in in Pro Tools 9. The plug-in works fine in Pro Tools 9, through the VST to RTAS-adapter, but the problem lies in the "Pro Tools preset list" which is on the top of every plug-in in Pro Tools.

The list I'm talking about has all the presets/sounds that the plug-in got, and a + and - button to go back and forward between the presets/sounds.

My problem here is that when I use the Sylenth1 VST-plug-in, it doesn't show any presets/sounds in the "preset-list". The only thing the list shows, is "factory presets". This is weird, since all the sounds are in Sylenth1's own preset-window. And this hasn't been a problem in Cubase and FL Studio. All the presets are shown in their "preset list".

So has anyone come accross this issue before? Or does anyone know what I can do to fix this, so I can get my "preset list" for Sylenth1 shown in Pro Tools too?

It can't be like Pro Tools doesn't show the "preset-list" for other plug-in formats such as VST's, can it? Since Cubase and FL Studio does show this list, and Pro Tools should be a DAW that's just as good as Cubase...

I thought the VST to RTAS adapter would wrap the VST-plug-in in a way that it behaves just like a native RTAS-plug-in...
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