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system advice

Postby purtington » Tue Feb 21, 2012 7:36 pm

Hi All
After some good but affordable options for running BFD2 live on stage with a v-drum lap top and external audio/midi interface.
I bought my DAW from scanuk who I was a bit weary of at first but I have say they have built me a higher spec machine that some of their rivals for less money that has been great so far and I'm currently looking at this laptop from them.
So apart from this I would need an external drive for BFD2 and a audio/midi interface + V-drums.
I have access to a free electronic kit which is great. It's Yamaha DTX but don't know what model or how old it is just yet but probably one of the "lower range ones" I know it has the little triangular cymbals.

So does anyone have a cheap and reliable recommendation for an audio/midi interface? I already have an emu 0404 in my DAW which is great and was looking at the usb version as a possible candidate ( ... &pid=18388) anyone know of a reason not to buy this?
Also have I missed anything out?

Should probably have posted this in the v-drummers forum


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Postby john emrich » Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:45 am

No, this is a better place to post than

Rail and I answerd your post in the BfD2 section. Check that thread for your help.

In short..... The Yamaha gear is great for VST drumming. The DTx900 and DTX700 have USB out from the module. The DTX500 and other units need MIdI to USB. You still should use an audio interface instead of the computer out. There are a lot of options for that.


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