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Dtxtreme IIs with BFD2

All about how to use edrums with BFD / BFD2

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Dtxtreme IIs with BFD2

Postby PunkGuy » Sat May 28, 2011 5:17 pm

Hi everyone. I hate to ask, but I just can't figure it out on my own, even though I'm sure it's a really simple solution. As the title states, I'm using a Yamaha Dtxtreme IIs with BFD2. Running BFD2 as a VSTi in my DAW or in standalone mode, I cannot get the triggers to interact correctly. Actually, at the moment I can't get the triggers to interact at all. I'm running the Dtxtreme IIs into a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R. The MIDI cables are connected, the light for the MIDI in on the interface is lit up, but as far as BFD2 is concerned, no data is being transmitted. This happens when running BFD2 as a VSTi and as a standalone application.

My second question is, how do I make the pads correspond to the right kit pieces in BFD2? When the interface was being recognized on my last setup (Windows Vista), the hi hat was triggering the snare and the floor tom was triggering the hi hat and the other pads made no sounds at all. Help, please!

I know, I probably sound like an idiot, but when it comes to computer stuff I am an idiot. :oops: Any assistance is appreciated. Thanks.



Hooray, I got BFD2 working with the Dtxtreme IIs. Apparently I just needed to import the right keymap. Why is this information buried so deeply in the manual? Anyway... Now to figure out how to make the kick go boom. And the plugins seem really bare bones in the tweaking options. The EQ is a joke, but I'm sure I will figure out more as I go along.

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