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Question for all you V-drummers and the bakers

All about how to use edrums with BFD / BFD2

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Question for all you V-drummers and the bakers

Postby purtington » Sun Feb 05, 2012 2:22 pm

I don't have any V-drums but a few years back did play my brothers Yamaha (can't recall model)
which was pretty good. When I say pretty good I'm referring to the quality of the drums sounds them selves.
This kind of brings me to my question or at least the first of them.

Am I right in assuming that the reason you are using BFD2 (or as your sound source) is because they are much better
in all areas?

My second question would be how many of you are gigging using V-drums in a live scenario?
I'm guessing the only way to do that is to buy your self a good robust laptop and spend quite some time
configuring it on stage and making sure everything is running smoothly?
I've been at a few gigs where the band have had to quit on account of dodgy leads, laptop crashing and all the other
potential cock ups that can occur using this method.

So anyway, whilst thinking about this and how viable it might be for our drummer (in my band) to invest in what is
at worst, a very expensive headache and at best wow!! feckin awesome live sound and wonderfully flexible.

I guess this next question is for FXpansion people because what puts me off going this way, is a) the cost and b)
the reliability of it all (or lack of) With this in mind I'm wondering if fxpansion have ever consider making a hardware
model of BFD2? I know it would retail a lot more than the software but I'm wondering if it wouldn't still be cheaper
than a bespoke high quality laptop and other peripheral gear. I'm sure it would cost less that all that and be far more reliable.
It would also be compatible with the software in that you could create your own mixer presets and kits and import them
into your BFD2 hardware.

Just a thought I had whilst in the bath :))


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