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New BFD3 users without BFD2

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New BFD3 users without BFD2

Postby rimshot1971 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 3:49 am


First, I dont want to beat a dead horse with my question or get tech support involved since I have already been down that road. I was offered assistance and was pleased with the professional help I did receive. Unfortunately my issue is not yet resolved and some of the problems Im having have been sent over to development dept.

I own BFD3 but have never had BFD2 or previous versions. My BFD3 default program is working great but my problem is the two expansion packs I purchased. Dunnett Ti & Yamaha Oak Custom kit.

Dunnett Ti
After downloading the 4 files needed for this kit and installing the self extracting files I have the individual kit pieces but no presets. The presets kits & kits are not in any of my system folders. If they were I could move them to my BFD3 system Presets & Kits folder to correct missing content. When I installed files 1 through 4 the only option was where I wanted to install the audio files. Of course these went to my external drive. There was not any option to install any other core files just the audio.

Yamaha Oak Kit
After downloading and installing the 5 files needed for this kit and installing the self extraction files I have the individual kit pieces only. The preset kits & kits were in a BFD2 folder on my c: drive and I was able to move them into my BFD3 system folder under Presets and Kits. When I installed files 1 through 5 it did ask where I originally installed BFD2 and then asked where I wanted the audio files installed.

Even though it states that BFD3 with work with all previous expansion packs there seem to be some issues with this. Its not a simple install and some of the files are not there or if they are you have to move them to specific folders to get it working properly.

Lastly, even after installing and using license manager It always comes up and wants me to authorize BFD2, which I never had. The Dunnett Kit will authorize and so will the Yamaha Oak Kit. For now I have deauthorized the BFD2 license but I get a license tab next to Yamaha Oak Custom in my Preferences Menu that will not go away.

I truly believe that users that do not previously have BFD2 are having issues with the expansion packs. It doesnt seem to me that BFD3 is setup to accept the expansion packs as FXpansion has stated. I would really like clarification from other users if they are having like problems.

Thanks for you time and attention to my post.


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Postby rimshot1971 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:58 pm


Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have looked in the core audio files. Not there. I have also deleted the BFD2 authorization along with the additional file check box that removes the rest of the installed content. Not sure what it really removes but I check it anyway. I still have the preferences screen come up every time I open BFD3 wanting to authorize bfd2. There is a little license box out beside the folder I have the Yamaha Oak kit audio in. When you click it up pops the box to authorize bfd2 again.

I just received an email from support with a zip file containing the Presets and kits for the Dunnett TI Kit. I will copy those and put them into their corresponding folders under BFD3 in the Presets and kits folder, do a rescan, and all should be good. Hopefully. Still doesn't fix the authorization issue with BFD2 but support stated they are working with the development team to correct this issue. Stay tuned.

P. S. All my audio content is on an OWC mercury pro mini e/sata usb3.0 solid state drive. Super fast and relieves my c: drive with operation system from unnecessary work. Love the speed of this thing.

On a side note I do want to say thanks to Mike in support for all the exchange of emails he has endured to help fix this issue. Even though this has been a frustrating process I am confident that if I need help support it will be there. Thanks Fxpansion.

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Postby Fenderchris » Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:33 pm

purtington wrote:It's kind of a problem with the installer but I'm not sure how it could be resolved as I think it's a problem that is unavoidable when people are able to install data to any drive they like.

It's strongly advised by fxpansion to install data to a separate drive but the default installer isn't going to do that for you since it doesn't know what separate drive you want to install to so it just installs to your C drive which seems contradictory to all the best advice but a lot of people will just assume that the installer knows best.


Does the Installer not allow you select a destination drive! ?

These problems and all the other issues that seemingly remain unresolved with BFD3 are stopping me from upgrading from BFD2 at the moment. Who needs all this aggravation.
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Postby SKoT_FX » Sun Dec 01, 2013 5:29 am

Some more of these expansion pack issues will be addressed by the next update going through testing at present.

We're up to a few thousand BFD3 users now, so it's been relatively smooth so far, all things considered.

BFD is a 10 year old product family with several dozen expansion packs which can be installed in all kinds of interesting ways makes for a lot of potential unseen gotchas, even after years of testing during development. We'll work through them.
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