Preferences panel


The Preferences panel is displayed with the Show Preferences function in BFD3's Tools menu.

It features a number of functions to customize various aspects of BFD3's performance, resource usage, control behaviour and interface.



The panel features a number of pages:

Data Preferences: settings related to BFD3's content locations and various startup loading options

Grooves Preferences: settings related to the Groove engine

Session Preferences: settings which are loaded and saved with Presets and host/DAW sessions when running the BFD3 plugin

MIDI Preferences: settings related to MIDI input

Engine Preferences: settings related to BFD3's core engine, modelling and streaming functions

GUI Preferences: settings related to BFD3's graphical user interface

Health Preferences: settings which are designed for troubleshooting purposes when you require support - please ignore this page unless instructed to use it by our technical support team





The Preferences panel features a Profile system which loads/saves settings for all settings in the Engine Preferences page with the exception of the Simulation settings.

These profiles allow you to define different profiles for different situations - for example, low quality/detail level settings for composition work, and high-detail settings for mixdowns and exports.

Click the Load/Save button to display the Load Preference Profile... and Save Preference Profile... functions - use the latter function to save the current settings as a profile. Use the former function to load a profile from any location on disk, or use the main drop-down menu to choose from the available profiles currently in the database.


The profile is also set using the BFD3 Setup Wizard, launched when using BFD3 for the first time or available at any time in BFD3's Help menu.