Kits 1-4

Kits 1-4 were recorded at Ocean Studios, Burbank, California, USA and are oriented towards metal, indie, 70s rock and pop, but they are capable of being used for all kinds of styles with the right Drum Editor tweaking and mixer processing.

Production/engineering by Rail von Rogut and Andrew Scheps for Platinum Samples.


Kit 1 (Metal)

DW Mardi Gras Sparkle kit

2 kicks and 6 toms

Tama Tempesta snare

Zildjian cymbals

3 crashes




New Beats Mastersound hihat


Kit 2 (Indie)

Pork Pie Black Sparkle kit

Kick and 3 toms

Tama Bell Brass snare

Zildjian A-series cymbals


2 rides


Kit 3 (70s rock)

Ludwig Stainless Steel kit

Kick and 3 toms

Ludwig Hammered Supraphonic snare

Paiste cymbals

2002 crash

202 ride

2002 hihat

Giant Beat crash


Kit 4 (Pop)

Gretsch Purple kit

Kick and 4 toms

Canopus Bronze Piccolo snare

Paiste Signature cymbals


2 crashes



Recording chain includes:

Neve 80 series console with 1081, 1073 and 1084 EQ modules

Neve 2254E, 33609 compressors

Fairchild 670 and 660

EL8 Distressors

ADR Vocal Stresser

DBX 160

Urei 1176


Kits 5, 6, 7

These kits were recorded at Omega Studios, Maryland, USA and provide dedicated Stick, Brush and Mallet kits. These kits offer a different room sound to kits 1-4 and a different character of sound with its own recording chain. They are very well suited to jazz and funk projects, but with tweaking and processing can be used for a variety of sounds for other genres.


Kit 5 (Stick) / Kit 6 (Brush) / Kit 7 (Mallet)

Mapleworks Custom kit

Kick and 6 toms

Mapleworks Custom snares

2 versions: 13" and 14"

Mapex Black Panther Blade snare

Bosphorus cymbals

6 crash/ride/splash cymbals


Bonus Percussion



Group claps

Jam blocks



Recording chain includes:

UA, API, JDK ATI8MX2, Neve VR-60, Metric Halo ULN2 preamps

Yamaha SubKick mic on kicks