Program Bank section

Default Program Change Playlist

This setting specifies a default Program Change Playlist to load when BFD3 is launched. Click the Browse button to specify the desired file.


Preference and Database management section


Clicking this button, and agreeing to the subsequent confirmation dialog, results in all your preference settings being trashed, reverting to factory default settings.


Data Paths section

Launch Content Paths Manager

This button opens the Content Locations panel, which can also be opened using the Set up content locations function in BFD3's Tools menu.

Prompt for missing Data Paths

With this setting activated, BFD3 prompts for any missing content locations when it is launched. Typically, these may include external USB2/USB3 drives which are not yet connected and mounted.


Export section

Enable NFUZD Export features

This setting is provided for users of the NFUZD Audio NSPIRE electronic drumkit. When activated, 2 additional functions are available in the Tools menu related to exporting kits and loop kits for standalone use with the NSPIRE module.


Startup section

Startup Preset

Any Preset currently in the database can be used as the Startup Preset - this is loaded whenever BFD3 is launched. When this is set to Don't load anything, BFD3 is launched in its factory default state.