DemoPacks provide a reduced-detail version of BFD3-compatible expansion packs in order to install and use within your sessions. This allows you to evaluate the sound of a pack within the context of your own projects although it cannot satisfactorily convey the true experience of using the full-detail versions of the Drums with their true timbral variation over the full velocity range. However, it offers many advantages over isolated preview demo MP3s of expansion pack content.

DemoPack content can be used in the same way as any other licensed Drums within BFD3 - however, please be aware that DemoPacks are provided for evaluation purposes only. If you wish to use the sounds in your productions, please purchase the relevant expansion packs which provide the full-detail versions.


Please note that the DemoPack functionality is only available with an internet connection available on the machine which is running BFD3. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to provide an offline version of the process.

It is also possible to purchase expansion packs directly from the DemoPacks panel.


Open the DemoPacks panel using the Set up DemoPacks function in the Tools menu.


DemoPacks panel



Downloading, installing and  DemoPacks


Each pack shown in the listing features a Download button, along with an indication of the size of the download. Click the button, as shown above, to initiate the download and installation of the DemoPack.

An alert is shown, asking to confirm the download/install process for the DemoPack. Click Cancel to abort the process or OK to proceed.



The Download button is replaced by a progress bar for the download/install process, along with buttons to Pause or Stop the process.



After the DemoPack has been downloaded and installed, a Delete button is shown instead of the original Download button. Click this button to uninstall the DemoPack from your system.

Please also note the appearance of an Activate checkbox to the left of the DemoPack in the listing. If the Activate All checkbox at the top of the list is checked, then newly downloaded DemoPacks are activated by default. Uncheck the pack's Activate checkbox at any time to deactivate it. This does not uninstall the DemoPack - use the Delete button to uninstall it.


Sorting options

The Sorting options buttons allow the DemoPack list to be sorted according to Featured packs or by Name. Click each button repeatedly to toggle between ascending and descending sorting.

Info display

Click the Info display button to show detailed information about an expansion pack. It is also possible to purchase packs directly using the Buy button.

Click the button again to hide this information.

Tools menu

The Tools menu features various functions for managing DemoPacks.


Change DemoPack storage path

This setting allows the data path for installed DemoPacks to be changed - navigate to and select the desired location.

Reset DemoPack storage path

This function resets the data path used for DemoPacks to the factory default.

Mac: <user location>/Library/Application Support/FXpansion/BFD3/DemoCache

Windows: <user location>\AppData\Roaming\FXpansion\BFD3\DemoCache

Remove All DemoPacks

This function uninstalls all DemoPacks which are currently installed in the specified DemoPack storage path.

Remove Selected DemoPacks

This function removes selected DemoPacks in the listing - click a DemoPack to select it and use the following to create multiple selections:

• CTRL-click (Windows)
• CMD-click (Mac)

Adds a DemoPack to the current selection.

• SHIFT-click

Selects all DemoPacks between the SHIFT-clicked channel and the existing selection.

Rescan Selected DemoPacks
Rescan All DemoPacks

These functions rescan a selection of or all DemoPacks installed in the currently specified DemoPack storage path - they should not be needed in normal circumstances but may be required if encountering problems and instructed to do so by technical support.

Show Log window

The Log window displays information about communication with the server for downloads and updating DemoPack information, useful to consult if experiencing problems. It includes functions to Clear, Save or Copy to Clipboard the information in the Log window, as well as a checkbox to Show errors only.

Currency selector

Click the Euro (), GB Pounds (£) or US Dollar ($) options in order to display expansion pack prices within the Info display in the desired currency.


View menu

The View menu allows the DemoPack listing to be filtered to show only those which meet the following criteria:


DemoPacks where full pack not installed

Only DemoPacks for expansion packs not currently installed on your system are shown.


DemoPacks not yet downloaded

Only DemoPacks which have not yet been downloaded and installed are shown.

Installed DemoPacks

Only DemoPacks which have been downloaded and installed are shown.

All DemoPacks

All available DemoPacks are shown.


Using DemoPacks after installation



To quickly see the available DemoPack Drums, use the Library filter in the Drum Browser.

This adds the DemoPack filter to the Search bar and narrows down the Browser listing accordingly.