MIDI Import section

Import MIDI key map
Unmapped MIDI note mode

These settings are described in the Importing MIDI files section.


MIDI & Audio Export section

MIDI export Mode

This setting specifies the track structure of exported MIDI files. It can be set to One track for all Drums, One track per Drum or One track per articulation.


Export adds unmapped Key Map articulations

If this setting is activated, exporting a MIDI file from the Groove engine adds mappings to any unmapped articulations automatically, so that the MIDI file sounds the same when played back with BFD3's sounds. It is advisable to subsequently save a BFD3 Preset or a Key Map with the mappings in place if you intend to use the MIDI file in future.


Export prefers variable articulations

If this setting is activated, hihat events are converted to variable articulations along with accompanying hihat pedal controller MIDI CC data when Grooves are exported as MIDI. Variable articulation mappings and a hihat pedal MIDI CC must be specified in the Key Map used for the export.

With the setting deactivated, specific hihat articulations are exported.


Export tail length (seconds)

This setting specifies the size of the tail retained at the end of an audio export. The length of the tail is set in seconds. Retaining a tail at the end of exports makes sure that any lingering decays are captured.

When creating audio files that are an exact number of bars long (for example, when creating 'loops' with the Export Groove Audio function), set this preference to 0.


Auto-arm Mixer Channels for audio export

This function is described in the Saving and Exporting Grooves section.


Editor Preferences

Record lead-in (bars)
Groove record commit mode

These functions are described in the Recording Grooves with MIDI section.


Maximum undo steps

This setting specifies the maximum number of undo steps in the Groove Editor's multi-stage Undo function. More steps use more RAM!


Cubase loop correction

This preference should be activated to achieve correct timing when using Cubase's loop function.


MIDI rec. quantization in PPQN (0 = none)

This setting adjusts the resolution of quantization when recording Groove events via MIDI, with the default setting providing 960 PPQN resolution. With a setting of 0, no quantization is applied.


MIDI Start/Stop control enabled

With this setting activated, BFD3's transport responds to external MIDI start/stop commands.


Max Drum Track length (bars)

This setting specifies the maximum possible length of the Drum Track, in bars. The default is 1000 - if you require longer drum tracks, increase this value.


Invert Ruler Zoom Y
Invert Ruler Zoom X

These functions invert the orientation of the zoom/scroll functions when clicking and dragging in the Ruler in the Groove Editor.


High-accuracy song position display

This setting is enabled by default and results in a highly accurate position marker in the Groove Editor grid. This can cause more CPU usage on some systems so if you find you are experiencing audio artifacts when using the Groove Editor, try deactivating this setting.


Metronome section

Metronome volume

This setting allows you to specify a volume level for the metronome, and ranges between a maximum of 100 and a mimimum of 1. The level of the metronome can also be set using the Metronome channel in the mixer - it must be enabled with the View menu if it is currently hidden.

4 preset volume levels can be quickly accessed by right-clicking on the Metronome button in the Transport.

Metronome type
Metronome mode

These settings are discussed in the Recording Grooves with MIDI section.