Mixer GUI section

Default mixer direct channel gain
Default mixer OH channel gain
Default mixer ambient channel gain

These settings provide default levels for direct Drum channels, the OH (OverHead) and other Ambient mic channels.

Create mixdown busses

With this setting deactivated, Kick, Snare and Ambient channels appear in the mixer without parent Kick/Snare/Ambient Mix channels. Note that this setting applies only to mixes created from default settings in future - existing presets still retain whatever mixer configuration with which they were saved.

Show Drum linking

With this setting activated, Drum linking setups are shown overlaid on Drum mixer channel images in addition to within the Kit display.

Show mixer signal routing
Show Export panel
Export on right
Show ambient channels
Show aux channels
Show direct channels
Show metronome channel
Show side chain input channel
Simple channel view
Show mini mixer
Animate mixer hits

These preferences provide default settings for the corresponding functions in the mixer.

Animate mixer meters
Animate FX meters

These settings allow you to disable metering on mixer channels and in FX interfaces. While these settings are enabled by default, they are provided in case the metering graphics cause excess CPU usage on your system.

Show output names as numbers

With this setting activated, all outputs are shown as names rather than numbers in the mixer's Output selectors and Export panel.


Control behaviour section

Startup Screen

This setting dictates which part of the BFD3 interface should be shown by default on launch. It can be set to show the Kit display, Effects Editor or Groove Editor. Alternatively, the last panel in use (last used) can be specified instead.

Startup Browser

This setting determines which Browser tab should be shown by default on launch. Alternatively, the last used tab (last used) can be specified instead.

Restore panel on load

If this setting is activated, the currently viewed panels remain in focus rather than being changed to those stored in Presets when they are loaded.

If the setting is deactivated, the panels in focus when a Preset was originally saved is recalled when it is loaded.

Circular knob motion

When this setting is activated, circular mouse movement is required to rotary knobs in BFD3's interface. When the setting is deactivated, circuilar knobs are controlled by vertical mouse movement (drag up to increase, and drag down to decrease).

The setting is deactivated by default.

Left-right velocity-scaled preview support

With this setting activated, the following preview hotspots feature low to high velocity previews from left to right (or from the top down in the case of the horizontal keyboard in the Key Map page):

Clicking Drum slots in the Kit display

ALT-clicking Drum mixer channel images

Clicking items in the Drums Browser

Clicking keys in the Key Map page's vertical and horizontal keyboards

If the setting is disabled, clicking anywhere in these preview hotspots results in fixed velocity previews.

Display tool-tips

Enabling this setting results in a tool-tip – a short piece of context-sensitive help – appearing when the mouse cursor hovers over a part of the user interface for a certain amount of time.

Tool-tip appear time

The amount of time required to hover over a control or other part of the interface can be defined with this setting.

Tool-tip appear time

This setting specifies the time required to hover over a control or part of the user interface for a tool-tip to appear. The time is defined in animation frames. A setting of 23 is roughly equivalent to 1 second.


Kit page section

Colour scheme

This preference allows the colour scheme of the Kit display to be selected.

Select triggers preview

When this setting is activated, a preview is heard when clicking a Drum slot in the Kit display with the Select tool active.

Animate hits

When this setting is activated, Drum slots in the Kit display are animated to represent incoming event triggers (from MIDI or from the Groove engine).


Keyboard Shortcuts section

This section allows you to set up keyboard shortcuts for various functions within BFD3. Please note that many hosts/DAWs 'steal' keyboard input from any plugins - in such cases, it is not possible to use keyboard shortcuts with BFD3.

To ensure that no problems occur with hosts that do not handle plugin key commands well, all key commands are disabled by default and must be set up manually.

If keyboard shortcuts are set up and you experience problems when working in any hosts, deactivate the Enable keyboard support setting.

Assigning shortcuts with the Learn and Learn Multi buttons

Shortcuts are assigned to functions by clicking the function in the list, and then clicking the Learn button above the list. Now press the desired key or key/modifier combination to assign it to the function. CTRL, SHIFT and ALT modifiers are accepted.

Use the Learn Multi button to keep assigning keyboard shortcuts to the subsequent entries in the list, either until the end of the list is reached or until the Learn Multi button is deactivated.

Clearing shortcut assignments

To remove an assignment, select a function and click the Clear button.

Click the Clear All button to remove all current assignments.