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For an overview of how to operate BFD3, please read chapter 1 and the opening sections of chapters 2 and 3.

BFD3's Groove engine, mapping functions and preferences are covered in chapters 4-6.



Programming: SKoT McDonald, Steve Baker

Additional programming: Angus Hewlett, Paul Chana, Henry Lindsay-Smith, Andrew Simper

Tom resonance algorithm research: Alice Clifford

QA: Drew Vernon, Mike Bugh, Tom Meaney, Jamaine Obeng, Sam Gillies, Lawrence King

Project management: Rory Dow, Angus Hewlett, Henry Lindsay-Smith, Rhiannon McLaren

Video: Rory Dow, Ryan Sellers

Documentation: Mayur Maha

GUI design: Paul Chana, Angus Hewlett

Image design: Rus Brockman

Web development: Andreas Schnetzler, Sam Sharp, Rob Philp

Artist Relations: Clare O'Brien

Support: Alex Volmer, Ryan Sellers, Lawrence King

FXpansion USA: Terry Hardin, Leslie Crook, Brian McGovern


BFD3 Core Library audio production, recording and editing

Rail Jon Rogut and Andrew Scheps for Platinum Samples

John Emrich


Steve Ferrone, Brooks Wackerman, Bobby Jarzombek, Peter Erskine, Stanton Moore, John Emrich (all courtesy of Platinum Samples), Jacques Mathias

Preset design

Jacques Mathias, John Emrich, Drew Vernon, Rory Dow, Emre Ramazanoglu, Tristan Klein


Licensing and copyright

FXpansion grants the Owner of a BFD3 license the right to create finished musical works and performances with the sounds and software that comprise the BFD3 product, its expansion packs, and any downloadable content made available from www.fxpansion.com or its partners.

The making of sample libraries in any form, commercial or otherwise, be they either single hits, drumloops, or fully mixed audio clips is strictly forbidden without express written agreement of FXpansion and its audio partners, and violations will be prosecuted to the full extent of international and local copyright law. The ownership of all the BFD3 audio material and associated MIDI performances is fully asserted by FXpansion and its audio partners. Please feel free to contact FXpansion for any clarification.

The Owner may only install and use BFD3 on multiple computers strictly under the following conditions: where multiple computers comprise part of a single composition workstation for a single composer; or where the owner has two non-concurrent sites of work, for example a studio desktop computer and a laptop computer for live performances.

Multiple installation is controlled by a machine-specifc challenge and response system with a limited number of authorizations. FXpansion may, at its own discretion, grant further authorizations for a particular license holder.

This software is licensed, not sold. As such, any re-sale of your license will be subject to a one-time $50 USD transfer fee.

BFD and FXpansion are trademarks of FXpansion Audio UK Ltd.

FXpansion Audio UK Ltd. is part of the ROLI ecosystem.

© 2017 ROLI Ltd. All trademarks acknowledged. 'Mac' and associated brands are trademarks of Apple Inc. RTAS and AAX are trademarks of Avid Technology Inc. VST is a trademark of Steinberg GmbH. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Other trademarks mentioned are held by their respective owners and are used for information purposes only.


Manual revision 6 for BFD3 v3.2.0.6