MIDI display section

Octave numbering scheme

Some sequencers and MIDI controller devices use an octave numbering system which begins at C-2, rather than C0, while others use C-1 as the lowest key.

This setting allows you to set the note numbering convention according to your own preference. This setting can be specified using the Main Host Application item in the BFD3 Setup Wizard.

Use MIDI numbers rather than notes

With this setting activated, MIDI note numbers between 0 and 127 are used instead of note/octave naming in the form of C-2, C-1, C0, C1 etc.

Program Change index starts at 0

With this setting activated, the Program Change Playlist's numbering starts from 0 rather than from 1.

Show low keys at keyboard bottom

This setting applies only to the vertical keyboard representation in the Key Map panel - with the setting deactivated, the keyboard is inverted - the highest note is at the bottom rather than the top.


Key Mapping section

Prompt for Choke note overwrite

With this setting activated, attempting to map a slot Choke articulation to a key already containing other articulations results in a warning and request for confirmation.


MIDI Learn Note Wizard preferences

These settings control the behaviour of the MIDI Learn wizard in the Kit display.

MIDI learn wait mode default

This setting determines whether Wait mode is activated by default.

Only learn 1 note per articulation

When this setting is enabled, the MIDI note learn wizard does not allow the same key to be mapped to more than 1 articulation. If this is attempted, the previous mapping is removed.


MIDI learn next slot mode default

This setting specifies whether Next slot mode is activated by default.


MIDI learn accept time (sec)

This setting defines the amount of time that is allowed after a Learn mapping has been created for an alternative note to be played, in case the original note was played in error. The value of this setting is 5 seconds by default.


MIDI learn skip time (sec)

When Wait mode is deactivated in the wizard, this setting specifies the time delay before the wizard moves onto learning the next articulation (or the next Drum, if the current articulation is the last in the current Drum and Next slot mode is activated). The default value of this setting is 15 seconds.