Session preferences are settings that are useful to save on a session-by-session basis.

To use custom Session preference settings on all new projects, a suitable Startup preset should be created and saved in BFD3 and then specified in the Data preferences.


Session MIDI section

Notes MIDI channel
Controller MIDI channel

These settings specify the MIDI channels on which BFD3 receives MIDI data for the following purposes:

• triggering articulations with MIDI notes

• automating BFD3 controls with MIDI CCs and MIDI notes

By default, both settings are specified as Omni, which means that the Key Map and MIDI automation functions respond on all MIDI channels.


Send MIDI Out
MIDI Out channel

These settings relate to BFD3's MIDI Out function, which outputs events from the Groove engine for use with other MIDI-compatible instruments. Your host/DAW and plugin format must support this feature for it to operate.


Hihat setup section

Hihat transition fade time
Hihat reopen threshold

These functions are related to playing the Hihat with an electronic drumkit.

Hihat tip tighten
Hihat tip tighten (amount)
Hihat shank tighten
Hihat shank tighten (amount)

These settings are related mostly to controlling hihats from electronic drum systems when using the Tighten controls in the Drum Editor for the current Hihat.

The Hihat tip tighten sets the amount of tightening for the start of the closed zone, with the Hihat tip tighten (amount) setting the amount of tightening for the highest value in the closed zone (i.e. fully closed). The same applies to Hihat shank tighten and Hihat shank tighten (amount).

However, even if you are not using an electronic drum system, the Hihat tip tighten and Hihat shank tighten values set the maximum amount of tightening applied by the controls in the Drum Editor's Hihat Tighten section.

Note that for these controls to have any effect, the Tighten controls for the loaded Hihat must be activated and increased from their minimum settings in the Drum Editor.


Session Playback preferences

Revert to factory defaults

Click this button to revert to the factory defaults for the settings in the Session Playback section.

Auto-fill period

This setting specifies the number of bars between fills when using the Auto-fill function in the Groove Palette's Default Actions section.

Palette Auto-Play mode
Palette Auto-Play Groove

These settings are described in the Palette section.

Groove engine active

Deactivating this setting disables the Groove engine entirely if it not required (if you are only triggering BFD3 with external MIDI notes).

Latching mode

When this setting is activated, Groove are started and stopped with a MIDI note on message, instead of the usual behaviour (MIDI note on to start a Groove, MIDI note off to stop it).

Each Groove's Start/End Actions still apply.

Polyphonic mode

By default, BFD3 does not allow more than 1 Groove to play simultaneously. However, this can be changed by activating the Polyphonic mode setting. In this mode, a newly-triggered Groove does not stop any other Grooves that are already playing. This is useful for layering Grooves.