Tremor is a software drum machine with inspirational sequencer, intuitive modulation, DCAM circuit-modelled synthesis and authentic old-school analogue punch. Tremor's dance drums, funky beatscapes, abstract machines and undiscovered sonic terrain are suited to all kinds of electronic, urban and experimental music. Tremor is still available to purchase, however it is no longer actively supported.


Released in 2001, DR008 combined drum sample playback, varied drum synthesis algorithms and innovative sequencing approaches into a single easy-to-use plugin packed with power and possibilities well ahead of its time.

VST to AU Adapter v2

FXpansion's VST to AU Adapter allowed you to enable your VST effect and instruments plugins for use in Logic 7, 8 and 9 and other AU plugin hosts which do not also offer VST plugin support.

The Adapter used negligible CPU power and provided a simple configuration tool which scanned for VST plugins on your system and creates AU plugins from them.


When it appeared in 2003, BFD pioneered a new way of approaching acoustic drums - dedicated and specialized control over drum mic channels, expressive drum articulations and rich dynamic and timbral detail over the velocity range along with built-in MIDI drum patterns called Grooves.

DCAM Synth Squad

DCAM Synth Squad was designed to provide synthesis with real substance. DCAM circuit-modelling technology meticulously reconstructed the soul of dusty vintage circuits while dragging them kicking and screaming into the future with new and exciting ideas: 3 distinct synth models (Strobe, Cypher & Amber), advanced but intuitive modulation and a dedicated environment for synth-layering, FX treatments and further modulation.


Maul was a multi-band distortion and tone-shaper with advanced modulation, suitable for subtle warming, loudness generation, shredding distortion and experimental creative effects. Maul's 32 distortion algorithms and TransMod modulation system could truly transform audio material of any kind.

DCAM Dynamics

DCAM Dynamics offered a variety of different flavours of high-quality circuit-modelled dynamics processing. The included plugins were perfect for everything from taming tricky transients to heavy, creative sculpting effects and everything in between. Classic console bus compression and channel limiting amp processors were provided alongside a transient shaper and frequency-selective compressor making DCAM Dynamics a great all-purpose dynamics toolbox.