BFD Expansions

Third party BFD expansions

The world of BFD includes these great third party expansions created by heavyweight sample specialists like Chocolate Audio, Drumdrops, Platinum Samples, Sonic Reality and Modern Drummer.

The huge variety of drum and room sounds give great results out of the box and can be shaped into new forms using the tweaking and processing features in BFD3 and BFD Eco.

They also give you even more creative freedom in designing custom and layered kits in combination with other instruments in the BFD library.

  • Chocolate Audio: Contemporary Vintage Classic kits with a modern twist - features a Ludwig 'Beatles tribute' kit, a 1977 Gretsch Concert Rock kit, 7 snares and 3 sets of cymbals and hihats. [More]
  • Drumdrops: Vintage Folk Rock Kit The Vintage Folk Rock Kit designed for a vintage 60s/70s folk and rock sound. It includes a 1966 Ludwig Hollywood kit played by folk session specialist Martyn Barker and recorded by Phill Brown. [More]
  • Drumdrops: Rogers Big R Dub Kit The Rogers Big R Dub Kit is the ultimate dub kit, played by reggae drummer Horseman and recorded/mixed by Mike Pelanconi (a.k.a. Prince Fatty). [More]
  • Drumdrops: 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Kit The 1965 Ludwig Super Classic Kit features a tight, dry sound and is mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Guy Massey. [More]
  • Drumdrops: 1970s Hayman Vibrasonic Kit The 1970s Hayman Vibrasonic Kit provides a classic British 70s vintage kit and is mixed by producer/engineer Stephen Street (Blur/The Smiths/Kaiser Chiefs). [More]
  • Drumdrops: 1970s Slingerland Classic Rock Kit This classic 70s 5-tom vintage kit is mixed by the legendary Alan Moulder (NIN, The Killers, Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin and many more). [More]
  • Drumdrops: Memphis Soul Kit The Memphis Soul Kit provides an authentic Memphis soul drum sound recorded with 5 mics. It features a tight, damped sound and a bonus percussion selection. [More]
  • Platinum Samples: Andy Johns Classic Drums Recorded by Andy Johns, the engineer behind classic recordings by Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones & Van Halen. [More]
  • Platinum Samples: Joe Barresi Evil Drums Featuring 6 full drum kids, 6 additional kicks and 6 more snares, Joe Barresi Evil Drums is unlike any other. [More]
  • Platinum Samples: Jim Scott Rock Drums A huge collection recorded by 6-time Grammy-winning engineer Jim Scott (Tom Petty, RHCP, Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters and more). [More]
  • Platinum Samples: Evil Drums Eco Kit Light on resources, this versatile Pork Pie Tocabbo Satin kit is great for modern rock, indie, pop, punk & metal. [More]
  • Platinum Samples: Evil Joe Barresi Glamouflage Kit Glamouflage QuickPack provides a mix-processed version of Evil Drums' Pork Pie Glamouflage kit. [More]
  • Platinum Samples: Rock Legends QuickPack Rock Legends features a 125th Anniversary Gretsch Rock Legend kit played with metal-tip sticks. [More]
  • Sonic Reality: Alan Parsons Black Oyster Kit This pack focuses on drums in the style of Alan Parsons' work with The Beatles on albums like 'Abbey Road' and 'Let It Be'. [More]
  • Sonic Reality: Hugh Padgham Big Fill Kit Big Fill Kit's huge 80s drum sounds are characteristic of Hugh Padgham's work with Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel and Sting. [More]
  • Sonic Reality: Nick Mason Kit Nick Mason Drums captures the iconic sound of Pink Floyd's legendary drummer. [More]
  • Sonic Reality: EpiK DrumS: A Ken Scott Collection Created by legendary producer/engineer Ken Scott and 5 iconic drummers known for their work on classic rock recordings. [More]
  • Sonic Reality: Neil Peart Drums Vol.1 Neil Peart and producer/engineer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains) bring Neil’s custom DW kit to the world of BFD. [More]
  • Sonic Reality: Alan Parsons Vintage 70s Kit This pack features a 5-piece Ludwig kit and cymbals with an iconic dampened sound heard on classic 70s records by Pink Floyd and others. [More]
  • Sonic Reality: Vinny Appice Kit Add some hard rock and metal power to your productions with the Vinny Appice Kit for BFD2/3 from Sonic Reality. [More]