Etch Red

Etch Red is an exciting and great-sounding filtering effect based on DCAM circuit-modelled technology and now available as a Reason Rack Extension. Etch Red's dual filters offer 38 available filter responses, realistic audio-rate FM, flexible routing, additional drive & compression stages and unique modulation with 2 LFOs, envelopes and more.

DCAM EnvShaver

DCAM EnvShaper is a powerful processor for controlling transients in your Reason projects.

Ideal on electronic & acoustic drums, percussion loops, bass and guitar, it lets you emphasise or tame transients to increase punch or help parts sit well in a mix.

DCAM ChanComp

DCAM ChanComp is a circuit-modelled channel compressor based on a classic FET-based limiting amplifier design, perfect for drums, bass, vocals and all kinds of other signals.