General Information

What is Illegal Synthesis: Cypherdelics?

Illegal Synthesis: Cypherdelics is a preset expander for DCAM: Synth Squad full of abstract, cinematic sounds. It features 128 presets for Cypher and 128 accompanying Fusor versions featuring creative FX treatments.

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What do I need in order to use this product?

You need a registered copy of DCAM: Synth Squad (which contains Cypher and Fusor) and a suitable system on which to run it.

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Please tell me more about the sounds.

The sounds in Illegal Synthesis: Cypherdelics are designed as the soundtrack to an imaginary movie where Blade Runner meets Enter The Void. The presets are designed to be playable, cinematic and futuristic with a vintage edge. They are provided as raw Cypher presets and as Fusor presets with additional modulation and effect treatments.

The sounds have some common elements:

  • Perf1 (mod wheel by default) tends to create timbral changes, and is suited to a controller with long travel such as a classic mod-wheel, expression pedal or similar.
  • Perf2 (aftertouch by default) tends to create vibrato and other LFO effects, and is suited to a controller with short travel such as aftertouch or a Roland-style 'mod-stick'.
  • The Fusor Macro controls are mapped to various combinations of parameters to control FX levels and also to provide many variations of the basic sound.
  • Most presets feature subtle pitch randomization per voice to emulate old analog polysynths with voice cards slightly out of calibration with each other. If this bothers you, look for any TransMod slot with 'Voice+-' or 'Voice+' via a random source like 'MRand' or 'VMRand', right-click on the slot and clear its modulation.

All presets by Illegal Synthesis. Cypher presets by Mayur Maha. Fusor versions by Mayur Maha and Mike Bugh.

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Who did the audio demos?
  • 1-6 and 8-11 by Sam Sharp and/or Mayur Maha (details in ID3 tags). These are recordings of Fusor using its built-in FX with no additional processing.
  • 7 and 12 by Mayur Maha; 7 uses only instances of Cypher with no additional processing; 12 uses Cypher and Fusor (including built-in FX) with Geist/Tremor for the drum sounds.
  • 13-15 by Two Quiet Suns. These demos were created using only Cypher, with no additional processing. They also include an additional stage of 128k MP3 conversion which was beyond our control.

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What is the license transfer policy for this product?

Normally we allow license transfers with an accompanying fee, but the price point for this sample-pack is extremely low, and license transfers would not make sense.

Therefore, sales are final on this product - you are paying for access and use of the content for your productions only.

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