General Information

What is BFD Eldorado?

BFD Eldorado is an expansion pack for FXpansion's BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2 software drum instruments. It contains the sounds from the original BFD sessions, recorded at Eldorado studios in Burbank, California. These classic drum sounds have been used on many commercial records since the release of BFD 1.0 in 2005!

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What do I need in order to use this expansion pack?

BFD Eldorado requires a registered copy of BFD3, BFD Eco or BFD2 (versions 2.1 and later only).

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Can I use this product with BFD 1.x?

No - this expansion can only be used with BFD3, BFD Eco or BFD2 (versions 2.1 or later only). BFD 2.1 is a free update to all registered BFD2 users.

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Why does it have these requirements?

BFD3, BFD Eco and BFD2.1 (and later versions) are equipped to handle the data format and custom channel layout featured in this expansion; previous versions of BFD2 and BFD 1.x cannot.

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What kind of limitations exist when using this product with BFD Eco?

When using this expansion in BFD Eco, limitations apply in terms of the audio channels and articulations that are available (this is one of BFD Eco's limitations, as opposed to the fully-featured BFD3 or BFD2).

BFD Eco is a streamlined instrument based on the BFD2 engine.

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What kits are included?

7 kits with kick, snare, hihat, 2 or 3 toms, 1-3 cymbals:

  • Ayotte/Kepplinger 1994 hand-made maple kit
  • DW 1990s maple kit
  • Pearl birch kit
  • Leedy 1961 mahogany vintage kit
  • Ludwig Lucite vintage kit
  • Ludwig 1967 maple vintage kit
  • Slingerland/Radio King vintage kit

Additional kit-pieces:

  • Zildjian Sweet 15A hihat
  • 2 Radio King kicks
  • Ludwig 1920s nickel-over-brass snare
  • Ludwig 1957 WFL Buddy Rich superclassic snare
  • Ludwig 1915 10-lug, 2-ply chrome-over-brass snare
  • Ludwig Black Beauty snare
  • Porkpie maple with triple-flange snare
  • Premier 14x6" wooden snare
  • Tama StarClassic maple snare
  • 15" detuned snare (unknown manufacturer)

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What articulations are included?

The original set of BFD articulations was more limited than the current BFD3-era specifications. In particular, hihats featured only closed, half-open and fully open articulations (for tip and shank). Only 2 of the included ride cymbals include bell samples, while other kit-pieces do not include some articulations which were unsuitable for the drum/cymbal's sonic character.

Some bonus kit-pieces released during BFD's lifetime are also included. The Zildjian Sweet hihat features an additional hihat articulation, while there is an extra version of the Ayotte tom set played with sizzle sticks (hot rods).

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What equipment was used for the recordings?

Direct channels

  • Kick In: ElectroVoice Re20
  • Kick Out: Neumann M49
  • Snare top/bottom: Shure SM57
  • Hihat: Neumann KM81
  • Toms: Sennheiser MD421
  • Cymbals: AKG 451

All direct microphones were recorded through custom modified API preamps. Please note that the Sennheiser MD421 used to record the toms is actually two mics, one placed above the tom and one below. Each signal was fed into the API preamps and summed on an SSL desk.

Ambient channels

  • Overhead: 2x AKG C-12 recorded through Summit MPC-100A tube preamps - placed 5 feet directly above the kit, with the capsules facing each other, 3 ft. apart.
  • Room: 2x Neumann U87 recorded through Avalon preamps - placed 15 feet back from the bass drum, each at a 45 degree angle from the kit.
  • Amb3 (PZM): 2x Crown PZM microphones at floor level recorded through API preamps and Empirical Labs Distressors set at 3:1 compression ratio with a gentle threshold (removing 0 to 6dB depending on drum-hit velocity). This compression stage was added in order to bring more body and sustain to the PZM recordings. Their placement was 10 feet back from the bass drum, each at a 45 degree angle from the kit.

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Who recorded BFD Eldorado?

BFD Eldorado's audio was produced and edited by Steve Duda

The recordings were conducted by Elan Trujillo, Steve Duda and drummer/technician Josh Baldwin at Eldorado Studios, Burbank, CA, USA.

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How big is the download?

The download size is approximately 3.7 GB.

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Do you allow license transfers?

Yes, however:

  • If you're the seller, you must contact us in advance of the sale. If you're the prospective second-hand buyer, you must check that the seller is cleared to sell. If in doubt, contact us.
  • There is a flat $50 fee per product for a license transfer, which can be purchased from our online shop.
  • Review copies, NFRs (Not For Resale copies, sometimes used for in-store demos), etc., cannot be transferred under any circumstances.
  • We reserve the right to refuse a license transfer request.

Once a transfer is authorised and the fee has been paid, the new owner is entitled to exactly the same upgrade paths and technical support resources as if they had bought the product new.

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