General Information

What is 'Himalaya: Modernity'?

Himalaya: Modernity is an extensive pack of dance-oriented presets for Fusor, an instrument from FXpansion's DCAM: Synth Squad synthesis software.

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What do I need in order to use this product?

You need a registered copy of the DCAM: Synth Squad synthesizer software (which includes the Fusor plugin instrument) and a suitable system on which to run it.

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What kinds of sounds are included?

Searing basses and leads, abstract, mind-bending special FX, churning dubstep wobbles, expressive keyboard and polysynth patches, juicy pads and assorted arp, chord, texture and pluck sounds. These inspirational sounds are designed for modern cutting-edge dance music of many styles.

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Please tell me more about the author of these presets.

Electric Himalaya is an experienced and talented sound designer who has released soundbanks for a variety of synths. Please see his website for more information.

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What is the license transfer policy for this product?

Normally we allow license transfers with an accompanying fee, but the price point for this sample-pack is extremely low, and license transfers would not make sense.

Therefore, sales are final on this product - you are paying for access and use of the content for your productions only.

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