General Information

What is Vintage Rock Grooves?

Vintage Rock Grooves is a Groove pack for BFD3. It includes high quality Groove and Fill patterns which become available in the BFD3 Groove browser after installation.

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What musical genres are covered by the supplied patterns?

Vintage Rock Grooves is designed to inspire riffs for classic rock, heavy rock, blues rock, and other related styles.

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How many Grooves are provided?

The pack contains approximately 200 Grooves arranged into 11 palettes. Each palette features between 14 and 23 Grooves as well as at least 5 Fills.

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Do the Grooves come with accompanying presets?

Yes - each palette is accompanied by a mix-ready BFD3-format preset.

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What is the license transfer policy for this product?

Normally we allow license transfers with an accompanying fee, but the price point for this sample-pack is extremely low, and license transfers would not make sense.

Therefore, sales are final on this product - you are paying for access and use of the content for your productions only.

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